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yeshiva logo.jpgYou did Maimonides, you did Sinai. Now get a taste of what Yeshiva learning is like.

The Yeshiva track offers in-depth analysis of Gemara and Chumash texts for our most advanced RJXers. Analyze the sources and engage in discussion and debate about relevant Torah topics relating to the Torah portion, the laws relating to the holidays, and shabbat.

Cholent Shiur meets in Highland Park homes over Cholent on Thursdays 8:00-9:30 PM.

Miri Cohen's Shiur meets Tuesday nights at Poile Zedek, running parallel to Sinai.

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Gemara (Cholent) Shiur,
Rabbi Yehoshua Lewis
Advanced Chumash, Mrs. Miri Cohen

Upcoming Events

Yeshiva Track Shabbaton!

Lakewood, NJ

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FYI: Day-to Day Jewish Life

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