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Torah Perspectives


Executive Board

Alan Meskin- President
Justin Dinowitz- Vice President
David Kornmehl- Treasurer
Daniel Tutnauer- Community Service Chair
Emily Saka- Public Relations Chair

Participating Doctors

Jerry Belsh, M.D.
Susan Brill, M. D.
Tamar Green, M. D
Marc Hanfling, M.D.
Alan Heidemann, M.D.
Brian Katz, M.D.
Clifton Lacy, M.D.
Stephen Reingold, M.D.
Daniel Rosenblatt, M.D.
Jonathan Rosenbluth, M.D.
Shmuel Samel, M.D.
Mark Stein, M.D.
Felix Urman, M.D.
Aryeh Zinkin, M.D.
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Welcome to J-MED!

Attend presentations by successful Jewish leaders within medicine, and gain access to a variety of internships in many areas within the medical field.

JMed gives students the opportunity to:

  • Network with influential Jewish medical and healthcare professionals
  • Learn about Judaism and its application to the medical professional world


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