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About Meor Israel

Spend your mornings in the serene Jerusalem mountains connecting with your Judaism through engaging and in-depth Jewish study. In a place super-charged with inspiration and stocked with the most interesting and stimulating people the Jewish People have to offer the opportunities for discovery and exploration are literally endless. Learn about the State of Israel's unique role in the world and how to be an on campus activist. Spend your afternoons exploring the country's rich and varied historic, geographic, recreational and cultural landscape. With our somewhat longer schedules than many other Israel trips we're able to provide participants opportunities to discover facets of Israel they may not have been aware of or had the opportunity to enjoy. Spend your nights (most of them) exploring Israeli culture and enjoying free time to meet with family and friends…or just "chilax." Spend your weekends celebrating Shabbat in the most powerful Jewish cities on Earth – including Jerusalem and Safed – bonding with new friends from schools around the country.