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A night for our Jewish brothers and sisters

Share the fun with friends and enjoy great food craft beer and golf... Knowing that you're helping Jewish college students across the region and beyond grow closer to their heritage.

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JX is doing it again!

We are super excited to have you participate in our upcoming Topgolf event, which promises to be bigger and better than ever before! We invite you to join us and be a part of our remarkable journey as we expand our reach to over 13 universities, fostering connections between Jewish individuals and their rich heritage throughout the region.

At JX, we firmly believe in the power of community, connection, and our rich Jewish  heritage. Over the years, our dedicated team has tirelessly worked to create opportunities for Jewish students and young adults to explore and deepen their understanding of their heritage. Through our expanded initiatives, we have been able to impact the lives of countless individuals, providing them with a sense of belonging, identity, and pride.

To celebrate our achievements and continue our mission, we have organized a thrilling Topgolf event on August 9th at Edison Topgolf. This event will not only bring together individuals passionate about preserving our Jewish heritage but also provide a unique and entertaining experience for all participants. From avid golfers to casual players, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. With Topgolf's dynamic and interactive game format, you can expect an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and friendly competition and of course top notch food. We have curated an exceptional culinary experience for our Topgolf event. With a wide array of delectable dishes, carefully crafted by acclaimed caterers. From delicious appetizers to mouthwatering main courses and irresistible desserts, every bite will transport you to a realm of exquisite flavors.

As you engage in friendly competition and forge new connections on the Topgolf patio, you will have the opportunity to indulge in refreshing cocktails and an open bar. Immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere, raise a glass of your favorite drink, and toast to the shared vision we hold dear: preserving Jewish heritage and fostering a sense of community that transcends geographical boundaries.

Your support has been instrumental in our success thus far, and we are immensely grateful for your generosity and commitment to our cause. By attending our Topgolf event, you will not only have a fantastic time but also make a tangible difference in the lives of young Jews across the region. The funds raised will directly contribute to expanding our programs, organizing educational initiatives, cultural events, and enabling scholarships for deserving individuals.

Golf Balls

Support Us

  • Platinum Sponsor: $36,000, sponsors the opening of one of our new branches

  • Diamond Sponsor: $10,000, sponsors weekly Wednesday night learning

  • Gold Sponsor: $5,000, sponsors Shabbos meals for the year. Get your own bay, includes 6 tickets

  • Hole in One: $3,600, sponsors Monday night Mitzvah class, includes 4 tickets

  • Eagle: $1,000, sponsors  one student for the semester, includes 2 tickets

  • Birdie: $550, sponsors one student trip to Israel, includes 1 ticket

  • Par: $360, includes 1 ticket (alumni only)

Community Board

Ruben & Racheli Atlas
Ilya & Leah Epshteyn
Yosef & Sharon Golubchik
Jeff & Rina Klein
Eddie & Sharon Lowinger
Eli & Sara Mirlis
Shloimy & Esty Schwimmer
Alex & Sara Scott
Chaim & Shira Shenkman
Eli & Sarah Sklar
Shaye Stern
Noam & Elana Waltuch
Ezer & Ariella Weiss

Alumni Board

Bob & Rachel Barocas
Ruben Bernshtein
Jacob & Gabby Binstein
Seth & Rochelle Frumkin
Ilan & Maya Levy
Mordechai & Chaya Baila Schaier
Shraga & Shlomit Silver
Moshe & Shira Sheldon
Shlomo & Tziona Viezel
Sam Trub
Eric & Leah Weinberg

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