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As proud graduates Rutgers University and our beloved RJX organization, we have all experienced firsthand the transformative power it holds. The memories, friendships, and valuable lessons we gained during our time here continue to shape our lives. Now, it is our turn to give back and ensure that future generations can benefit from the same incredible opportunities.

We invite you to pay it forward and join us in supporting our Jewish organization through generous contributions and active participation in our upcoming Topgolf event.

Your support will enable our organization to maintain and enhance its programs, fostering an environment where young minds can explore their Jewish identity, develop leadership skills, and make a positive difference in the world.

Attending our Topgolf event not only allows us to come together as a community but also showcases our unity and commitment to preserving the traditions and values that have shaped us.

Join us in paying it forward and giving back to our Jewish organization. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Alumni Board

Bob & Rachel Barocas
Ruben Bernshtein
Jacob & Gabby Binstein
Seth & Rochelle Frumkin
Ilan & Maya Levy
Michael & Chaya Baila Schaier
Scott & Shlomit Silver
Brett & Shira Sheldon
Tyler & Tziona Viezel
Sam Trub
Eric & Leah Weinberg

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