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Liked Maimonides?

Continue your Jewish journey and build your social network while enjoying a delicious dinner, each Wednesday night at the Maimonides 2 program. Meet your friends, eat a great dinner and enjoy a great speaker. $150 trip vouchers will be given for every 5 Maimonides 2 sessions attended if you also do 5 one-on-ones with an RJX staff member, and a Shabbaton.

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Pods! (With a trip voucher)

Want to continue your Jewish journey and also earn a $150 voucher toward an RJX trip? Join a pod. You and a group of friends can meet an RJX staff member at a convenient time, for five 30-minute sessions, and five ​30-minute one-on-ones. Complete that and an RJX Shabbaton and earn $150 off your next trip. (Must be redeemed within a year of completion).

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